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Meet Carrie-Ann Barrow

Or Queen, as I call myself. Just as you should be doing! Ladies, you’ve done all the right things and played by the good girl rules — perhaps without taking into account what you truly want for your life. If you wake up thrilled with the day waiting, then you do you. You’ve found your purpose and I’m here for it!

For those of us who aren’t there yet and feel less-than-overjoyed at the idea of a too-busy work life and even busier home life — now is the time to make changes that will impact your future forever. Ladies, it’s time to pull out that crown, polish it, and put it smack-dab on the center of your lovely head — just as I’ve done. Let me show you how.

My mission is to be a catalyst in creating a world where every woman has Queen confidence!

I coach women from aspiring entrepreneurs to founders and executives, helping you clarify your Vision and find fulfilment — and ensuring you wear your crown with pride!
Most of my work life has been as an entrepreneur who has built and sold multiple businesses — and proudly made Washingtonian’s list of Women to Watch!
Battling personal and professional challenges at a young age — I persevered, gave up what didn’t serve me, and decided to live for myself. It’s your turn, Queen!

Why I Published

I wrote “The Queen’s Decree: Finding Purpose, Passion and Prosperity Your Way” after spending decades trying to align with everyone else’s expectations but my own. Through my coaching, I found that my female clients were all facing the same challenges – they didn’t know what they really wanted or even what they deeply loved.

When I made the decision to crown myself Queen of my Life, my kingdom, I made a commitment to myself to write this bold, authentic and honest account of my transformation. I’ve also woven in stories from some of my brave clients seeking to help others grow as they have. Together, we support one another to take control of our lives and crown ourselves as Queen.

My Personal Approach

I want each and every woman out there to be an unapologetic Queen who gets what she wants, takes what she deserves, and rules her kingdom with authenticity. I want her to have full agency over her life. I want her to know that every choice matters and that every choice is hers to make.

When I work with clients, I equip them with practical frameworks, strategies and tools to make real progress and see meaningful results. What is do can be summed up in just a few words. I coach confidence. Queen Confidence.

Don’t Just Take My Word For It

Explore feedback from those who’ve read “The Queen’s Decree.”
  • “Carrie-Ann Barrow is a bold, brave and badass Queen in her own right, and I am so proud to know her. ‘The Queen’s Decree,’ with its funny and frank delivery, has given me so much confidence in constructing my own kingdom — one I am proud to live and work in. Thank you, Queen! Carrie-Ann, you are a Royal for the history books.”

    Kelsey Roseth

    Ad Agency Founder

  • “Carrie-Ann’s passion to reveal to every woman the throne that they were born to sit on is her beautiful legacy. Her professional coaching skills will keep you engaged throughout the book, sharpen your pencils you will be taking down life-changing notes that will bring transforming fulfillment to your business and personal life forever!”

    Laurie Miller

    Nani Pua Skin Care

  • “Wonderful book written in a unique way to give you an insight on how to better your life. Inspiring quotes and useful exercises were helpful in finding your meaning and purpose. Carrie Ann includes personal life stores which help you overcome negative thoughts and encourages you to have the power to achieve your goal, a Queen’s Decree.”

    Amazon Reader
  • “Carrie-Ann Barrow is, without a doubt, one of the world’s rarest gems. ‘The Queen’s Decree’ is a shining jewel that empowers women to rule their kingdom, their way. In chess, the Queen is the MVP. It’s time to place that crown on your head, ladies!”

    Tianna Kaye Day

    Project Success Lead