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The Game-Changer: Discipline

Happy New Year, Queens!

I want to chat about something that has been a game-changer for me on my personal growth journey that I’m taking from 2023 to 2024: discipline. Last year, I sat with some big goals for myself, feeling the rush of inspiration, envisioning a future self that has it all figured out. But let me tell you, all that excitement is like a firework display on a cloudy day without one crucial element – discipline.

Now, I’m not here to rain on your New Year resolutions; in fact, you know I’m the biggest advocate for dreaming big! But what I’ve learned, and what I want to share with you, is that goals without discipline are essentially wishful thinking.

I want to share with you everything I learned this last year about how I achieved my goals with discipline.

Set Clear And Attainable Goals

Begin by defining your goals for the year. Make them specific, easy, and rewarding. Ambitious goals are admirable, but they must also be achievable to maintain motivation and avoid burnout. Burnout is the absolute killer of discipline. Staying on top of it is essential.

Be Disciplined About Routine

Discipline thrives in routine. Establish a daily schedule that aligns with your goals. Dedicate time for work, exercise, personal development, and (you know this is coming, Queens!) SELF-CARE. Adjusting routine is difficult at first, keep your head above water by remembering to keep things attainable. You’ve got this!

Embrace Accountability

Share your goals with friends or family members who can check in and offer support. Discuss your progress, shortcomings, and how you want to be better next time. Keep your ego in check! Things are difficult, but that leads me to my next point…

Learn From Setbacks

Yup. My Queens, we’re all too familiar with the setbacks. I know that as soon as you start to shift your schedule to prioritizing new goals, there will be the inevitable pushback from life. You must learn from it. Discipline is NOT about perfection but RESILIENCE. Adjust your approach when needed, but never lose sight of your ultimate goals.

Cultivate a Productive Mindset

You read that correctly, not a positive mindset, a productive one. Sometimes it’s in our best interest to take the L, learn from it, and continue forward. Stay productive by any means necessary. Take the Wins with grace, then continue on your path to the next goal. A productive mindset ALSO knows when to ask for help! Keep your eye on the prize and you’ll fuel perseverance, resilience, and essential elements of a disciplined approach.

If you want to conquer 2024, discipline is the key to unlocking your full potential in the new year. By setting clear goals, establishing a routine, prioritizing effectively, and holding yourself accountable with a productive mindset, you can manifest the discipline you need to make your goals a reality. I know if I can do it, you can too.

Happy New Year, Queens! Here’s to a year of growth, achievement, and self-discovery!


The Art of Saying No and Enjoying Mocktails This Holiday Season

My dear Queens,

In today’s holiday season, we find ourselves caught in a whirlwind of social obligations and expectations. It’s as if we’re constantly racing from one event to another, one happy hour to the next, all while trying to meet the demands of our professional lives. But what if we could revisit the art and language of what it means to BE a QUEEN? I want to ask you, why don’t you take a step back and reclaim the power to make choices that prioritize your well-being, and authenticity, and manage the stress like we promised to do in every part of our lives… and apply it to the holiday season as well?

I’m proud when women step into their own and start seeing how valuable their time is. That doesn’t change in December! You don’t have to succumb to the stress or overindulge to fit in. You have the power to make choices that align with YOUR values, preferences, and self-care, all while navigating the holiday chaos.

Embracing the art of saying “no” is not about being a Grinch.

It’s about setting boundaries and making choices that nurture your soul. Isn’t that what the holidays are supposed to be about? It’s about understanding that you don’t have to conform to the expectations of others if it doesn’t serve you. You can still be the Queen of your holidays and the star at gatherings without sacrificing your mental health.

It’s perfectly okay to have a mocktail instead of the numerous alcoholic beverages pushed your way.

You can still be part of a holiday festivity without compromising your values. Enjoying a mocktail or non-alcoholic beverage allows you to engage in conversations and create memorable moments without the negative side effects of alcohol. You can maintain your regular schedule throughout the holidays if you prioritize boundaries and say no! Think of it as a gift to your liver!

By making self-care choices that prioritize your well-being and managing the holidays, you become an example for those around you.

Imagine your kids in the future who are able to actually enjoy the holiday season as adults because of the example you set for them. Your friends and family will see that you’re taking steps to manage stress and if they’re fussy about it, so be it, they’ll see you’re enjoying the holidays with your family not caring about anyone’s opinion.

The truth is that the holiday season should be about being around those you love, cherishing the moments of a beautiful year, and feeling grateful. You don’t experience any of that if you’re spread thin, trying to live up to other’s expectations, and beating up on yourself for not being able to keep up.

Queens, we’re here because we decided that our time matters. Our values matter. Our health matters. Don’t let that change during the holidays. Don’t let anyone shift your focus from being authentically happy, healthy, and whole.

I’m wishing you the most relaxing holiday season. I’ll see you next year!


How I’m not overcommitting this holiday season.

Hey Queen,

Ah! It’s time. November. School’s back in session and it’s time to start thinking about hosting dinners, holiday parties, exchanging gifts, and pulling it all off without feeling stressed. Because as always, you have somehow found yourself to be the party planner on top of everything else.

I’ve been there. I still am guilty of overcommitting during the holidays, and this is what I’m doing to actively prevent myself from doing that. I hope these reminders and tips help you stay calibrated and as relaxed as you can this holiday season.

Say NO.

It’s always my number one. I need to be better about saying no, and I’m sure you do too. Remember to keep an updated calendar with all of the obligations that you are happy to take on first. If you find it full and something comes up? DON’T negotiate. Either reallocate your priorities to make room or say you’re not available. It’s never worth the stress and there’s nothing wrong with passing something up or rescheduling to meet up another time.

Celebrate & Strategize.

This time of year is always a whirlwind. So make sure that between the holiday lights and festive tunes, toasts and the turkeys, you take a moment to reflect on your year. Jot down your valuable lessons and inspirational triumphs so you have them for the upcoming year. It’s not just about gearing up for festivities, but also gearing up for a proactive year ahead. Embrace the season as a bridge between valuable past insights and future engaging strategies.

Schedule self-care.

Do you have your budget for self-care? You should! Make sure that the budget is available for you year-round, especially during the holidays when you’ll be spread a little more thin! Make sure you’re taking deep breaths periodically throughout the day, checking in with your heart, taking walks, and having some time alone to read or journal. You need this! Self-care is a necessity, it isn’t a gift.


This may seem obvious… but I tend to forget to just shake things off. Stuff falls through the cracks, mistakes happen, and it’s okay. Nothing needs to be perfect. If you find yourself overwhelmed or feeling guilty, remind yourself of the peace you deserve and watch a funny video.

November is a strange month. We’re just getting into the swing of things with school and then it’s time to shake everything up with the holidays. Queens, don’t sweat it. Life is too short. Stop feeling guilty for actually trying to make the most out of this season.

Oh! You also have my permission to nag your partner, friends, kids, or whoever is in arm’s reach for help, because doing this all solo is so last year.


Is self-care in your budget?


I’m going to talk about something that’s often overlooked, but crucial for your personal and professional journey: budgeting to invest in YOURSELF.

In our fast-paced world, it’s easy to get caught up in the daily grind, sticking to your budget, and putting your well-being on the back burner. But here’s the truth: your life, professional and personal, is going to be a marathon. Not a sprint. The reality is that I’ve seen strong women collapse under their own expectations and burnout.

Self-care matters. It improves our mental health, inspires new ideas, and allows us to be clear-headed when turbulent times come – because you know they will!

If you look at your current budget and don’t see a fund for your self-care, that needs to change immediately.

I’ve worked with many strong women who have never considered setting money aside for themselves. They can’t fathom a spa day, a shopping spree, or just scheduling a quiet afternoon to themselves.

I want you to challenge yourself by looking into your income and setting aside 3% of your income for YOU. Whatever that looks like!

Settle your worth, too. Do you believe you’re worth 3% of your salary? Can you fathom setting aside 5% or 10%? This is completely up to you and what your budget allows. My point is that we can spend our entire working careers being spread thin, underappreciated, and pushed to burn out if we don’t look out for ourselves.

Value yourself. Value your time. Value your self-care.

By budgeting for self-care, you’re making a commitment to your own well-being, and that’s a decision that will pay dividends in every aspect of your life. Go ahead, embrace self-care, invest in yourself, and evolve every aspect of your life.


Embrace Your Inner Queen: The Art of Self-Investment


As the brilliant late summer sun casts its long, golden shadows, I’m reminded that just as nature effortlessly moves through her cycles, we too must embrace the transformative power of self-reflection and growth. Queens, this month, as we anticipate the coming retreat in November, let’s delve deep into what it genuinely means to prioritize ourselves. Investing in oneself isn’t about occasional indulgences; it’s a lifelong commitment to our purpose-driven journey.

Where Do YOU Feature in Your Budget?

When we sit down, pen in hand, to chart out our monthly expenses, do we account for our self-care? Not just the fleeting luxuries but the very essence of self-love and self-growth? In our meticulously planned budgets, it’s time we mark a dedicated space for our mindset nourishment, our visionary aspirations, and our desires to live life on our own terms.

Reflect on this, Queens: If that opulent spa day or that exclusive retreat costs you a mere 5% of your monthly earnings, isn’t that an investment in your well-being, your peace, and your rejuvenation? Isn’t gaining clarity around what you want the ultimate power move?

The Power of the Purse: More Than Just Money

Financial acumen isn’t just about numbers; it’s intertwined with our life’s aspirations. Every dollar you set aside for yourself, be it for a book, a course, a vacation, or even a quiet evening of solitude, echoes a profound mindset — you are valuable, and you deserve it.

A budget line for self-care? It might sound avant-garde to some. Yet, for the Queens who’ve realized that they’re their most significant assets, it’s a non-negotiable. It’s a tangible affirmation of their worth and a testament to their commitment to personal growth, both professional and spiritual.

Self-investment isn’t merely a financial term; it’s a life choice. As autumn unfolds, let us remind ourselves of our worth, bask in our desires, and make intentional choices that align with our heart’s deepest yearnings. After all, to live regally, one must invest in her own crown.


Harnessing the Power of DiSC®: Elevate Your Leadership as a Queen


In the realm of leadership, effective communication and collaboration reign supreme. As Queens, we understand the importance of building strong teams that can conquer any challenge. That’s why I recommend turning to powerful tools like DiSC® to enhance work dynamics and create a harmonious kingdom.

Discovering the Language of Success

As a Queen, you possess unique gifts and talents that contribute to the success of your team. However, sometimes it can be difficult to recognize and articulate these attributes. The DiSC® assessment serves as a language, helping us understand our behavioral style and communication preferences. By gaining this insight, we can express our strengths with confidence and align our efforts for maximum impact.

In our modern-day kingdoms, collaboration is the cornerstone of success. With the insights from the DiSC® assessment, powered by Wiley, you can bridge communication gaps and foster a culture of collaboration. Understanding the communication needs of your team members allows you to tailor your approach, ensuring that your message resonates and inspires action. By embracing the power of DiSC®, you build a kingdom of collaboration that thrives on mutual understanding and respect.

Step Into Your Reign as a Master Communicator

As an authorized reseller, certified practitioner, and facilitator of DiSC® through my partnership with Wiley, I invite you to take the DiSC® assessment through Scaling Strategies today. Discover powerful insights that will allow you to unlock the full potential of your work teams. You will also gain ongoing access to Wiley’s online training center, connecting you to course content, fellow Practitioners, and Wiley’s education specialists as part of my partnership with them.

Whether you’re looking to become DiSC® certified yourself, take a workshop, or simply want to explore new areas of yourself and your business, I am here to support you on your journey and work with you to break the glass ceiling. Embrace your Queen energy and lead your teams with the confidence and grace befitting of a true ruler.


Claim Your Throne: The Power of a United Royal Court


As the leader of your kingdom, there are times when the crown can feel heavy. Leadership, though rewarding, requires a particular mindset. The vision of your reign can often become blurred by isolation. This solitude often springs from our lofty positions; when we stand at the helm, we might struggle with clarity around what we want. The solution to this loneliness? A trusted circle of peers or, as I prefer to call it, your very own Royal Court.

Embracing the Power of Masterminds

Masterminds, trusted circles of like-minded individuals, are the secret weapon for any effective leader with ambition. Why? Because they provide a safe space for productive challenge, candid conversations, and mutual support.

Remember, at the executive level, honest feedback can be scarce, and fear can hinder open communication. In your Royal Court, however, transparency and confidentiality reign supreme. Imagine being able to leave your doubt at the door, share your concerns, and navigate conflicts with individuals who not only respect your voice but also understand your journey. That’s the power of a trusted peer network.

Your Royal Court mirrors a mastermind or an executive group in the corporate world. It’s more than just a professional network; it’s a circle of honesty, where every member is dedicated to helping each other thrive. It’s about constructive conflict, growth, and the conviction to hold each other accountable.

As we head towards the fall, the excitement of launching my Royal Court Program resurfaces, much like it did last year in September. An initiative designed to empower women, break through lies, break down barriers, break the glass ceiling, and break through fear by exemplifying the power of a peer network. If you’re feeling the tug of leadership loneliness, remember: your Royal Court is ready to be formed, and your throne is waiting.

Stand Unapologetically in Your Power

In your purpose-driven journey to embody your regal power and stand in command, remember, “If you decree it, you will be it, and they will see it.” Know your worth, embody it, and fight for it. Harness your Queen energy, stand unapologetically in your power, and find your wealth and worth in the heart of your Royal Court.

Let’s embark on this action-oriented journey together. Are you ready to assemble your Royal Court? Learn more about this in my book The Queen’s Decree


Command Your Space Unapologetically, My Queen


Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you are owed respect, yet you’re the one who feels obligated to apologize? To bend to the whims of others, even when they have wronged you? If this resonates, it’s time for a change. It’s time for you to start Commanding Your Space Unapologetically.

Unapologetic Command: The Birthright of a Queen 

Society often conditions us, as women, to downplay our needs, to swallow our pride, to smother our voice. But Queen, this is not our destiny. We are not here to feel small or to let others trample over our boundaries. We are here to shine, to lead, to command our space.

It starts with recognizing our worth. What are your non-negotiables? What are the boundaries you need to set for yourself to feel respected and valued? These are not selfish demands but rather assertions of your rights. Recognizing your own worth and commanding respect for it is the first step to harnessing the Queen energy you possess.

Next, we need to communicate our needs and boundaries, unapologetically. This doesn’t mean disregarding the feelings of others, but rather expressing our needs with firmness and tact. You don’t owe anyone an apology for demanding respect and asserting your boundaries. You owe it to yourself to live authentically and unapologetically.

Unapologetic Doesn’t Mean Rude

Being unapologetic doesn’t mean being disrespectful or dismissive of others. It means standing up for your values, your rights, and your dignity, while still respecting the humanity of others. It’s a delicate balance, but one that’s essential for maintaining your self-respect and commanding your space.

Remember, Queen, you are the ruler of your life. You have the power to demand respect, to set your boundaries, to speak your truth. Embrace this power and let it guide you to a life of unapologetic authenticity.

For further guidance on this journey, check out my book. It’s a powerful resource to guide you towards commanding your space, unapologetically.


You Can’t Have Bravery Without Fear

Hey Queen,

Today, let’s talk about bravery, which you can’t have without fear. I’ve found that when I do the one thing that I fear in the moment – all the other things that I feared become a lot less scary, or otherwise completely irrelevant.

Fear Fuels Bravery

A brilliant business coach named Andie Monet said something that made me appreciate my fear. She said, “you can’t have bravery without fear.” That was great news for me, because when I decided to write a book, I found a lot of old fears coming back, and some new ones emerging.

As I thought about Andie’s words, “You can’t have bravery without fear,” I shifted my l mindset from thinking that fear is a restraint that’s holding me back – to recognize it as a tool that is pushing me to bravery. I imagined the shackles of fear coming off, and replaced that image with a gusting wind pushing me forward taking on my biggest challenges – and I did just that.

Facing One Of My Biggest Fears

Just before the release of my book, “The Queen’s Decree: Finding Purpose, Passion and Prosperity Your Way,” my biggest fear was hurting my parents. In my book, I share stories about my childhood, and some of the stories are difficult memories that are critical to understanding what I needed to do to step into my role as Queen of my own kingdom.

I wanted my parents to read what I had written before I published it. I put it off for months, and as the release came closer, I considered not publishing at all.

My inner Queen was hiding. And yes, I still have to call her out sometimes!

Then, I heard Andie in my mind, and I prioritized my value of bravery. I shared the book with my parents who, over the years, have grown as people, right along with me.

To be clear, the bravery came first in making the firm choice that the book I had poured myself into –and worked on for more than two years – would be published. Once that was done, while still very hard, talking about it with my parents was easier than my fear had led me to believe.

Remember, Queen – fear loses its grip when you realize that you actually need it to get that super satisfying feeling of bravery. You’ve got this, Queen.