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Bring Out The Queen

Royal Growth and Transformational Programs Fit for Queens


Six-Month, 1:1 Private Coaching 

Royal Court

Small-Group Coaching 

Queen’s Retreat

Queenly Quarterly Onsite Retreat


Six-Month, One-On-One Coaching With Carrie-Ann

This immersive coaching program with Carrie-Ann is for Queens ready to take full reign over their choices and life.


You’ll have intimate, dedicated time with Carrie-Ann as she takes you through the VP model of Values and Purpose, Vision and Passion, and Velocity and Prosperity.


Prior to beginning your Royal journey, you receive a Coronation questionnaire so Carrie-Ann can learn about you and prepare for the deep dive into what you really want and what’s stopped you from getting it so far. You’ll also complete a behavioral and motivation assessment for even deeper self-awareness. The first session of Coronation starts with one half-day (4-hour) intensive that’s all about you, dear Queen. We’ll begin with values exploration and creating your kingdom’s Vision. Carrie-Ann will create the space for it all to unfold.


During follow-on sessions, we’ll create an action plan and set the stage for your Velocity. You’ll be supported with monthly virtual 60-minute support and accountability coaching sessions and unlimited email support. At the end of the program, you’ll get membership into the Queen’s Court Facebook Group to connect with others who have experienced one-on-one private coaching. The exclusive support you’ll find there from one another and from Carrie-Ann will help you sustain your Velocity and you’ll grow your amazing royal court in the process through amazing connections and friendships.

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Royal Court

Group Coaching With Carrie-Ann

Led by Carrie-Ann, you’ll collaborate monthly with other like-minded Sister Queens to achieve the Vision for your kingdom.

With the Royal Court monthly, small group coaching program, you’ll partner with up to 12 participants during virtual 2-hour group coaching sessions. You can look forward to personal check-ins, monthly topic talks, and group coaching.

Carrie-Ann will host a maximum of 3 groups at any time, so this program is limited to 36 participants at any time. 

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Queen’s Decree Retreat

On-Site Retreats Aimed to Inspire

Queen’s Decree Retreats are for Queens seeking dedicated time to build their kingdom and help it prosper. It’s time away from the day to day to focus exclusively on you while surrounded by like-minded women in beautiful places.

At the Queen’s Decree Retreat, you’ll receive four days of Crown Polishing, Kingdom Building, and Royal Treatment.

During your time together you’ll get intimate coaching from Carrie-Ann in a small group setting, connect with other amazing Queens, and experience phenomenal royal treatment with our fabulous massage therapist. Some retreats will also have the option of adding on a Queen confidence boudoir session. Each retreat is limited to 12 fabulous Queens so that every participant has time to spend with Carrie-Ann and one another.

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Speaking Engagements With Carrie-Ann

Get Your Group Engaged

When it comes to recognizing and reaching your Royal Vision, a dash of inspiration makes a monumental difference! Carrie-Ann Barrow gets a rush from speaking to both small and large groups – and clients who hire her get to experience that excitement and expertise up-close. 


These customizable programs, guaranteed to inspire your group, can be done in-person or online.

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