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Harnessing the Power of DiSC®: Elevate Your Leadership as a Queen

Carrie-Ann Barrow     August 15, 2023
Harnessing the Power of DiSC®: Elevate Your Leadership as a Queen


In the realm of leadership, effective communication and collaboration reign supreme. As Queens, we understand the importance of building strong teams that can conquer any challenge. That’s why I recommend turning to powerful tools like DiSC® to enhance work dynamics and create a harmonious kingdom.

Discovering the Language of Success

As a Queen, you possess unique gifts and talents that contribute to the success of your team. However, sometimes it can be difficult to recognize and articulate these attributes. The DiSC® assessment serves as a language, helping us understand our behavioral style and communication preferences. By gaining this insight, we can express our strengths with confidence and align our efforts for maximum impact.

In our modern-day kingdoms, collaboration is the cornerstone of success. With the insights from the DiSC® assessment, powered by Wiley, you can bridge communication gaps and foster a culture of collaboration. Understanding the communication needs of your team members allows you to tailor your approach, ensuring that your message resonates and inspires action. By embracing the power of DiSC®, you build a kingdom of collaboration that thrives on mutual understanding and respect.

Step Into Your Reign as a Master Communicator

As an authorized reseller, certified practitioner, and facilitator of DiSC® through my partnership with Wiley, I invite you to take the DiSC® assessment through Scaling Strategies today. Discover powerful insights that will allow you to unlock the full potential of your work teams. You will also gain ongoing access to Wiley’s online training center, connecting you to course content, fellow Practitioners, and Wiley’s education specialists as part of my partnership with them.

Whether you’re looking to become DiSC® certified yourself, take a workshop, or simply want to explore new areas of yourself and your business, I am here to support you on your journey and work with you to break the glass ceiling. Embrace your Queen energy and lead your teams with the confidence and grace befitting of a true ruler.


Carrie-Ann Barrow

I support women in transforming the way Queens like you think about yourselves, empowering you to reimagine what’s possible – in work and in life – and make their boldest visions real. I do this both in my writing and coaching.

As a successful entrepreneur who founded and sold a multi-million-dollar company in my thirties, I bring energy and insight from my lived experience to coach everyone from aspiring entrepreneurs to executives.

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